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Nudimo širok raspon vodonepropusnog materijala
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O Društvu

Chengdu SINOMACO Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a susidary of China National Materials Group which is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales, engineering construction and technical services of a range of materials including waterproof materials, waterproof coating, paper materials, construction materials, oil materials as well as sealant and sealing materials. It also awarded with the grade A construction qualification for professional construction and contracting of waterproof, sealing construction, paper supply, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering project of China national civil and engineering construction. The materials we had supplied for the project including high-speed rail, metro & subways, highway, expressway road and bridges, tunnels, airports, and civil engineering projects, real estate and etc. The waterproofing coating and waterproofing membranes had exported to many Asean waterproofing market like Philipines waterproofing, Vietnam waterproofing market, Cambodia waterproofing market, Myanmar waterproofing market, Indonesia waterproofing market, Maylasia waterproofing market, and also african market, like Kenya waterproofing market, Nigeria waterproofing market, Ghana waterproofing market, Tanzania waterproofing market, Ethiopia waterproofing market, Uganda waterproofing market, Sudan waterproofing market, as well as south asia market like india, parkistan, Sri Lanka, Bangaladesh market.

The R&D center and manufacturing base located in Chengdu city, southwest of China and covers an area of more than 120 acres, with 8 large-scale production workshops and 16 domestic advanced automated production lines with advanced production techniques and standard processes. The annual production capacity of various types of bituminous waterproof membrane is more than 50 million square meters, polymer waterproof membrane  reaches 25 million square meters, waterproof and insulation coatings reaches more than 500,000 tons. The annual production value of the manufacturing base can reach 5000 Million RMB.

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