Waterproofing Engineers and Technical Service

Waterproofing enginners and professional technicians for waterproofing and sealing matertials are gathered in SINOMACO to research and develop of new and high quality waterproofing and sealing materials. There are also group of waterproofing production engineers, after sales engineer and application technical consultant who are providing there effort on waterproofing and sealing materials and products. The excellent team and reasonable staffing, as well as scientific management, make the company's production and construction technology be in the leading position of waterproofing and sealing industry.

Waterproofing applicator and supplier

Advanced Automatic Production Line

Involved with several advanced automatic and semi automatic waterproofing membrane , waterproof coating and sealing sealant production lines and equipments from both domestic technology and international advanced technologies,  we had improved the company's product range and quality highly which among the best of China. The company not only guarantees the quality of the products, but also guarantees the supply integrity volume of the market and keeps a reasonable inventory, as a result, it also enhances the competitiveness of the company's products in the market.

bitumen felt and coating

High fficiency Quality Control

The company had passed ISO9001-2008 and ISO9001-2015 international quality system certification. We strictly follow the quality management system and production process to carry out standardized management and production control to ensure that the full systems are evidence-based and each process is effectively implemented in a responsible way. The company has advanced and complete testing equipment to enable us to strictly control the full process from raw materials analysis to finished products implement, so that the quality and cost of the product can be stabilized and fully controlled.

Waterproofing manufacturer

Professional Engineering Team

We had obtained the national first-class qualification of engineering contractor and supplier of materials with high level engineering technicians and a large professional construction team. We are qualified to undertake contracting and construction of various types of waterproof construction projects, and provide the clients with one-stop service with professional, systematic and technical analysis as well as the plan implementation and materials supply.  

roofing waterproof coating application

We are ready for the designing and contacting of your waterproofing works and products. If there is any demand for OEM or private lablelling, please kindly Contact Us!