Does Silicone Roof Coating Works for Concrete Roof?

Silicone S2000 Roof Coating is an RTV silicone coating system for use over concrete roof substrates to form a reflective protection layer for your roofing waterproof. Can be warranted for up to 20 years. It is widely used for Reflective Roofing Protection and Waterproofing Over Concrete Roofs.

The durable Silicone S2000 Roof Coating is comprised of low-odor silicone roof coating. It is a single-component, low-odor, room-temperature vulcanizing, weather-protective coating; Silicone S2000 Roof Coating forms a seamless, monolithic weatherproofing membrane for superior waterproofing, durability, flexibility, color retention and potential energy savings. Silicone technology allows the system to perform under ponding water conditions. It is intended for long-term protection for institutional, commercial, industrial, and high-rise/multi-family residential applications.



Seamless/fully adhered


Energy efficient

Low odor


Reduce life cycle cost

No seams to fail

Installed over existing roof with minimal tear-off

Reflects light and emits heat

Environmentally friendly

Silicone S2000 Roof Coating For Reflective Protection And Waterproofing Over Concrete Roofs 


Post time: Apr-06-2021