What Is High Strength Polyurethane Waterproof Coating?

High strength two part polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of two-component or two part chemical reaction waterproof polyurethane coating, in which component A is isocyanate terminated prepolymer obtained by polyether ester polycondensation, and component B is colorful liquid (means the coating can be in many colors) composed of reinforcing agent, plasticizer, thickener and accelerator; When in use, the two components of A and B are mixed evenly according to the proportion, Usually mixed in the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 and painted on the waterproof base, and often cured by crosslinking to form a high-strength and extended strong rubber elastic film to waterproof the buildings.

Product Features:

This waterproof polyurethane coating is a two-component chemical reaction curing waterproofing material, which is an environmental friendly product. The tensile strength of the product can reach more than 6.0MPa, the extension can reach more than 450%, and the low temperature can reach below – 35 ℃. After curing, the product forms a seamless and complete elastic waterproof layer, which improves the waterproof and impermeability performance of construction engineering works.

It is especially with high strength and extensibility, and strong adaptability to cracking or expansion of the base course; This polyurethane coating is a kind of cold construction or cold applied waterproof coating.

It is hand applied and easy to be construct because it only needs to mix the components A and B according to the proportion and ratio, brush, roller apply or spray the waterproof coating on the construction base;

It is also very easy to maintain, only need to repair the damaged part once occur to achieve the original waterproofing effect, it is not only saving time, bu the labor force to reduce the construction cost;

The colors of the coating can be adjusted to meet the individual demand of each customers design for the color needs.


The thinner can not use alkyd, nitro thinner and other paint thinner and do not contact this polyurethane coating with any water;

The construction site shall be well ventilated and no fireworks are allowed;

If it is found that material B has precipitation, it should be stirred evenly before use;

The construction site must be well ventilated, and construction cannot be carried out in rainy days;

The coating should be prepared and used up within 40 minutes;

If the applied waterproofing layer is damaged in the construction site, just cut and dig around the break, and then apply the waterproof coating for restoration and repair.

Post time: Jul-14-2021