Why roofing waterproofing works is important?

The quality of roof waterproofing projects is directly related to the service life of the building and also affects people’s normal life. It can be seen that roof waterproofing is a very important project in construction. So how important is roof waterproofing? How can roof waterproofing work be done to ensure safety?

According to the survey, the roof waterproof level is determined to be Grade II in China, and the durability of the waterproof layer is not less than 5 years. According to statistics, there are several reasons for roof leakage: design accounts for 18% to 26%, materials account for 20% to 22%, construction accounts for 45% to 48%, and management and maintenance account for 6% to 15%.

Before construction, the construction unit should organize technical management personnel to review the roofing engineering drawings, master some relevant structures, and determine the construction plan or technical measures of the roofing engineering according to the situation. In this way, defects can be prevented after construction, causing rework, and at the same time, the project can be carried out in a planned and organized manner, avoiding work errors and affecting work quality.

The waterproofing work of the roof must be carried out by a waterproof professional team or waterproofing workers. Special attention should be paid to not allowing units without qualification certificates and non-waterproofing professional teams or waterproofing workers to perform roof waterproofing work. Not only that, the construction unit or the supervision company must carefully check the job permits of the construction personnel and strictly follow the requirements.

This is also the most important point, because it was said before that the quality of the material can determine its life span. The waterproof material must ensure that its quality meets the “China Technical Specifications for Roofing Engineering” (GB50207-94) or some relevant national requirements and standards. Waterproof materials should have material quality certification documents and have been certified by the designated quality inspection department. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified waterproof materials in waterproofing works, and unqualified materials should be immediately evacuated from the construction site.

As long as we follow the correct and accurate construction sequence of the roof waterproofing project, implement the key points, strict requirements, and check every step of the work, then it is not particularly difficult to do the roof waterproofing work. matter. Do a good job in the roof waterproofing project to make your room safe and worry-free from now on.

Post time: Oct-22-2021