Which is better for the bitumen based waterproofing tape or butyl waterproofing tape?

Butyl tape and the bitumen based waterproofing tape are commonly used waterproofing and gap & seams repair materials in the waterproofing works and roofing repair works. Through testing, we know that although bitumen tape has its own disadvantages, it is better than butyl tape for the waterproofing features. bitumen waterproofing or bitumen is an important part of waterproof materials, with good waterproof performance. Almost all waterproof coiled materials are made of bitumen waterproofing, and whats’ more, bitumen waterproofing or bitumen tape has a long service life and lower cost compared with the butyl tapes. The aging resistance of butyl rubber is not good enough. The direct sunlight with high temperature of the roof is easy to accelerate the aging of the butyl tapes. Except for good bonding performance, other properties and features are not as good as bitumen tape, and the service life is shorter compared. Therefore, bitumen tape is highly recommended.

Advantages of bitumen waterproofing based waterproof tape

1. Good waterproof performance, high efficiency, to be seamless connected, no water leakage. It is unique for special-shaped structures or objects with complex shapes, and the construction is very simple and convenient.

2. It has strong adaptability to the base course and can be used on the base with course materials such as reinforced concrete, profiled steel sheet, plastic and various masonry materials.

3. The surface treatment is simple, no special requirements needed without leveling layer, and it can be directly applied when the humidity is less than 80%.

4. Its puncture resistance is strong, because it has rubber inside and has good ductility. It can be perfectly combined with the base material at the bottom of the structure and the top building structure, without separation and delamination, forming an integrated seamless waterproof system.

5. Bitumen waterproofing tapes is environmental friendly materials which is water-based, non-toxic, tasteless, nonflammable, non corrosive, harmless to human health and the environment.

6. It is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, can effectively inhibit the growth of algae and fungi, anti-aging, high chemical corrosiveness, and strong permeability.

Post time: Nov-01-2022