Where can the bitumen tapes be used?

Bitumen Self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape is a product with the most advanced international formula specially designed for interface sealing. It is a bitumen based self-adhesive elastic waterproofing membrane which is made with polymer-modified asphalt as the basic materials, used polyester felt or glass fiber felt as the reinforcement layer, the upper surface is covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or aluminum foil, etc., and the bottom surface is covered with self-adhesive protective paper. The product has good self-adhesive performance and bending performance which easy and simple for construction and pollution-free.

This bitumen self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape is available in both strips and rolls. Their design and usage methods vary according to the actual construction conditions and request.

It is suitable for crack repair, ship hatch sealing, granary sealing, building expansion joints and other complex parts of construction, especially suitable for steel structure lap joint, sealing and waterproofing operations. It can effectively prevent the disconnect and leaks of roof screws, fasteners, etc. due to shrinkage or vibration and other reasons.

It can be used in waterproof projects such as roofs, basements, toilets, etc., and can be used in the paving of vertical walls and pipes (except heat pipes), bridges and other complex construction works, especially suitable for waterproof projects where open fire and dark fire are strictly prohibited. 

Post time: Sep-24-2022