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Engineering Project Waterproofing


Metro Line 3

Chengdu City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: SINOMACO Polyurethane Waterproof Coating 
The Metro Line 3 is a milestone project of Chengdu city which can release the traffic pressure of the main road and reduce the emission of the exhaust by car to make the city clean and green. We are happy to join in this project by providing our waterproofing materials to bring more convenience and green to the city. The main product from SINOMACO is the moisture-curing two component polyurethane waterproofing coating. We insist the concept of green and environmental-friendly development of the company by providing more green and high quality to all our partners.
Date: June 2015

Real Estate Waterproofing

-Villa Construction

Luhu Palace

Wenjiang City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: SINOMACO Self-adhesive Modified Waterproofing Bitumen Membrane 
The project of this villa is located in Wenjiang city, a place famous for its natural landscape, which is close to the famous amusement park Floraland. As a high standard villa project, the owner have a very strict and high demand for the waterproofing supplier. After the bid opening, SINOMACO was awarded to be the sole supplier for waterproofing materials which is a great honor for us. The main application area is the basement and planting ground and the main products used are the polymer self-adhesive modified rubber bitumen waterproofing membrane and the model with root resistance polymer self-adhesive modified rubber bitumen waterproofing membrane. Application method are wet-applied and pre-applied.
Date: August 2012

Real Estate Waterproofing System


Community Construction

Chongqing City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: SINOMACO Strong Cross Laminated film and Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

The cross felt based reactive and self-adhesive modified rubber bitumen membrane had been used for the waterproofing system of the basement construction by Greenland, the top real estate companies in China. The waterproofing place was the basement with an area of 260,000㎡ and was processed with the wet-applied method. The basic application demand is that the plane should be flat, solid, smooth, dust free and oil free and the special area like the junctions, turning points, the angles and the tube roots should be specially applied. Best application temperatures are among 10℃ to 30℃.
Date: October 2014

Architecture waterproofing system

-Industry park

Industry park of Auto parts

Chengdu City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: SINOMACO SBS Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane & Waterproofing Coating 

Chengdu Auto Parts Industrial Park is the largest auto parts industrial park in the west of China with an area of 415,000㎡ and total investment of 2.662 billion RMB. It is not only a great honor for us to be the supplier of waterproofing materials for such a big project, but the largest trust for SINOMACO brand and the SINOMACO quality. We will persistently strive to bring more value to our customer and to be the leading waterproof materials supplier within the industry.

Date: May 2017

Architecture Waterproofing System

-Office Premises

China Eastern Airlines Base

Chengdu City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: Sinomaco Self-adhesive Waterproofing Bitumen Membrane and Bitumnious Coating 

Based on the rich experience in waterproofing industry, we recommend the polymer self-adhesive bitumen membrane for this project and the performance is well accepted by the proprietor. This membrane a compound of modified bitumen and high polymer materials and result in high performance of waterproofing. It is self-adhesive, wet-applied and pre-applied which can be easily installed with good looking , meantime it saves a lot of working time and labor force. Based on its physical parameters, it is especially good for those construction works with high waterproofing design demand such as tunnels, subway, deep foundation and etc.

Date: April 2016

Engineering waterproofing system


Jinnan Bridge

Dazhou City ·China

Project Detail

Main products applied: Sinomaco Bitumen Waterproofing Coating & Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating

Jinnan Bridge located in Dazhou City, southwest China, was consist of double bridge approach and the main bridge. The full length is 2050 meters with estimated value of 798million RMB. The main bridge is 606meters long and 315meters wide with a span of 300meters in two-way, six lane design. It is a concrete cable-stayed bridge with twin towers.

Date: December 2017

We Are Professional

Since the foundation of the company we had been devoting ourselves to the improvement of the quality of the products. The R&D center had been set up with advanced lab device and professional team, what’s more, we also cooperate with top universities and institute in China regarding to the study of waterproofing materials. The passed decades, we insisted on the optimization of production, study and research and a series of patent about the waterproof membranes and the coating had been acquired.

We Are Strict

Quality is the life to the long live of a company. So we had built a very strict working process to control the quality of our products from design, production, inspection to storage long before. We invest a lot in the quality inspection equipment and process control to ensure the high standard quality. This made us to be a prize winner in system management and process control which was awarded by ISO. Our commitment to the quality is the starting point of SINOMACO waterproofing but also the goal to be achieved.

We Are Honest

Honest is the basic demand for the members of society which we always bear in mind. It is one of the most important characters enable us to built the sustainable development. With the vision of being a century old brand, we fully understand the importance of being an honest corporation. History had witnessed our development and the future will bring us more opportunity. Together we hope to built a glory and tight relationship with more friends from waterproofing industry and the related industries.

More Projects

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